Jabalpur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi while campaigning in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur attacked Congress by accusing the party of a “Tughlaq Road election scam where money meant for the poor, pregnant women was looted”. It must be noted that Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s official residence is on Tughlaq Road in the national capital.

Pointing at the ‘misdeeds’ of the Kamal Nath-led government in the state, PM Modi further mocked the Chief Minister saying Congress had ruined the state in just six months of coming to power.

“In Madhya Pradesh, bags and boxes full of notes are being recovered from Congress leaders. It has done a Tughlaq Road election scam within this little time period,” said the PM attacking Rahul.

Outlining reasons why Congress shouldn’t be voted to power, the PM added, “In less than six months of Congress coming to power, the state of governance is at an all-time low in Madhya Pradesh. The power situation is bad. Farm loan waiver hasn’t been delivered upon despite being promised. This shows why people must never vote Congress!”

Attacking the Nath-led government further, he added that the MP CM prioritised vacations over administrative work. Taking a jibe at Nath, PM Modi said, “He is a busy man. His priorities include jet-setting to Switzerland immediately after elections, leaving all administrative work, just to establish his own dynasty and of course, corruption. Very sad state of affairs!”

He further spoke about various national as well as local issues including work of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in agriculture, irrigation and infrastructure creation.

PM Modi also said, “Congress had promised to reduce electricity bills and found a solution to do so by reducing the electricity supply in your homes. Congress here is running on the formula of supplying lesser electricity than previous Shivraj govt. Is this not betrayal?”

Speaking on the criticism from Opposition over income tax raids at the residences of many leaders, PM Modi made it clear that if he did anything wrong, there should be income tax raids on his house too.