New Delhi: Soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at a rally in Kanyakumari on Friday that Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was the first woman to hold the portfolio in the country, the Congress chided him, asking him to “brush up his history”.

The grand old party reminded the PM that Indira Gandhi was the first woman defence minister of the country and not Sitharaman. Taking to Twitter, the party also wondered if the PM had ‘missed this chapter during his entire Political Science degree”.

“FYI, Smt Indira Gandhi was the first woman Defence Minister of India – you should brush up your history – in case you missed this chapter during your entire Political Science degree,” the party tweeted.

The PM has reported finished his post-graduation in political science from the Gujarat University in 1983 as an external student.

At the Kanyakumari rally, PM Modi had said how proud he was of the fact that Sitharaman “India’s first woman Defence Minister” was from Tamil Nadu.

Touring the country on the same day, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi said the Prime Minister “can’t leave aside his public relations exercise even for five minutes”. He was obviously referring to PM Modi’s claim that the Opposition was ‘politicising’ the pre-emptive operations carried out by the armed forces.

“Sadly, a few parties, guided by Modi hatred, have started hating India. No wonder, while the entire nation supports our armed forces, they suspect the armed forces. The world is supporting India’s fight against terror but a few parties suspect our fight against terror,” the PM had said at the rally.