New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday accused Congress and Samajwadi Party of playing games with BSP chief Mayawati’s confidence. “Congress leaders are happily sharing stage with Samajwadi Party in rallies. These people have betrayed “Behenji’ (Mayawati) so cunningly that she cannot even see through the game. A party that was staking claim to the Prime Minister’s post before polling began, is now admitting to being a vote cutter,” PM Modi said addressing an election rally in Pratapgarh.

Further, PM Modi said that the “SP-BSP alliance had five evils – corruption, instability, communalism, dynasty and misrule”.

Intensifying his attack on the opposition, Narendra Modi Saturday said the ‘mahagathbandhan’ (grand alliance) will give rise to ‘mahabhrashtachar’ (grand corruption)’.

Narendra Modi said the Congress has been reduced to the status of ‘vote katwa’ party and it will soon witness its “downfall”.

“See its (Congress) downfall,” he said, as he made a no-holds-barred attack against party president Rahul Gandhi, warning him that he will succumb to “ahankaar” (self pride).

Attacking the Congress, Modi said the “Mr Clean” image of the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi became “corrupt number one”. He also recalled how the Congress had withdrawn support from governments at the Centre in the past leading to political instability.

Citing a newspaper report which claimed that Rahul Gandhi’s one-time business partner had received offset contracts during the UPA regime – just what the Congress has been accusing Modi of orchestrating benefits for his business friend in the Rafale deal. Narendra Modi also said that several summons had been sent to Gandhi but he had not responded. “He is probably waiting for the Congress to come to power so that the cases could be wrapped up,” he said.

“Only the BJP can give a stable government,” he said, as he led the gathering chanting “phir ek baar …Modi sarkar (once again, Modi government)”.

(With agency inputs)