New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday lambasted West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and claimed that of 40 MLAs of the Trinamool (TMC) were in touch with his party. (BJP)Also Read - Withdraw 'Adverse Remarks' By Supreme Court Against Nupur Sharma: Petition Filed Before CJI Ramana

“Didi, Dilli door hai (Delhi is far away for you). On May 23 when the results will come, lotus will bloom everywhere and your MLAs will desert you. Even today, didi, 40 of your MLAs are in contact with me. Political ground has slipped from under your feet,” said PM Modi while addressing an election rally in West Bengal’s Sreerampur. Also Read - Russia Ukraine War: PM Modi Speaks With Putin; Bats For Dialogue

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Reacting to PM Modi’s claims, TMC MP and spokesperson Derek O’Brien said that they will approach the Election Commission and complain against BJP of horse-trading. “Expiry Babu PM , let’s get this straight. Nobody will go with you. Not even one councillor. Are you election campaigning or horse trading! Your expiry date is near. Today, we are complaining to the Election Commission. Charging you with horse trading,” tweeted the TMC leader.

Meanwhile, PM Modi also accused the TMC of rigging the ongoing LS elections. “Goons of TMC are trying their hardest to stop people from voting and attacking BJP workers,” said PM Modi. He added,”They (TMC workers) are not letting BJP leaders campaign in the state.”

Reacting sharply to Banerjee’s statement that she will send sweets ‘made of soil with pebbles in it’ to him (PM), Modi said,”Didi said she wants to give me rasgulla made of soil and pebbles. Soil of Bengal has essence of greats like Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Swami Vivekananda, JC Bose, Netaji, SP Mukherjee and if Modi gets rasgulla made of this holy soil then it will be a ‘prasad’ for Modi.”

The Prime Minister also accused TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee of nepotism, insisting she wants to politically establish her nephew Abhishek in West Bengal. “With just a handful of seats, ‘Didi’ you can’t reach Delhi. Delhi is far away. Going to Delhi is just an excuse. Her real intention is to politically establish her nephew,” he said. Notably, Banerjee’s nephew Abhishek is a sitting MP from Diamond Harbour and the TMC candidate for the seat.

Furthermore, PM Modi lashed out at Opposition for raising questions on the credibility of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). “Earlier only Modi was abused, now even EVMs are being abused. The opposition is doing so as it faces imminent defeat,” he said.