New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday hit out at senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh, who failed to cast his vote in Rajgarh district of Madhya Pradesh in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections 2019 yesterday. Taking a swipe at the Congress leader, PM Modi, while addressing a rally in Ratlam said that Singh’s action showed his arrogance and lack of ‘care for democracy’.

“His (Singh’s) arrogance came to light yesterday in Bhopal. When people are electing their representatives and even I exercised my franchise in Ahmedabad, Diggy Raja neither cared for democracy nor people.

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He added,”You have committed a big sin…In the festival of democracy, the President, Vice President stood in queues to cast their votes, but Diggy Raja did not. You were very busy asking people to vote… save me. Why you are so frightened of losing your job?”

Mounting attack on the Congress leader, PM Modi further said,”Even the Narmada yatra, a religious pilgrimage undertaken by Singh last year, would not come to his rescue in the Lok Sabha elections.”

Singh, a registered voter at his hometown Raghogarh in the state’s Rajgarh Lok Sabha seat, did not exercise his franchise during the polling on Sunday.  “I regret that I could not reach Rajgarh to cast my ballot. Next time, I will ensure that my vote is registered in Bhopal,” Singh told reporters.

Singh visited various polling stations in Bhopal to track the voting throughout the day and subsequently skipped to caste his own ballot.