New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi exuded the confidence of sweeping this Lok Sabha election with more seats than 272, the halfway mark in the 543-seat Lok Sabha in the Parliament while speaking exclusively with Zee News.

“I am fully confident that people of this country will give us a much bigger mandate than 2014,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while responding to question- whether he feels there is a ‘Modi wave’ in the country or not.

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Explaining further that why he feels that the NDA will return with a better mandate than 2014, the Prime Minister said, “I have travelled widely. I know the people of this country want a strong and decisive government… We have worked extensively with state governments. I can feel the pulse of our countrymen.”

He also said that the people of India want a strong, decisive government and they know who is capable of what.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi then emphasised how the citizens of the nation will choose a leader keeping in mind the work done by the government. “Voters of this country have full faith in the work done by our government… People of this country have seen that the Modi government has fully utilised each and every day for the welfare of this country,” the PM said.

When prodded if his government has a Plan B in case a fractured mandate is thrown on May 23, the Prime Minister fired, “There is no plan B or C. Results will come on May 23 which will be followed by a meeting of the NDA allies to elect its leader. After that, the President will invite us to form the government. I advise you and your channel to plan how to cover the oath ceremony.”

Recently, BJP President Amit Shah while addressing a rally in West Bengal’s Ghatal had warned West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to be ready to see Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister for another five years.

“Mamatadi (Banerjee) has recently said that she does not consider Modiji the Prime Minister. Tell me, Mamatadi, do you have faith in the country’s Constitution or not? The Constitution states that whoever is chosen by the people becomes the Prime Minister. It does not matter if you accept this or not,” Shah said at an election rally in Ghatal parliamentary constituency.

“Be prepared for another five years as Modi is going to become the Prime Minister once again,” he said amid massive cheers and chants of “Modi-Modi” by the BJP supporters present at the rally.