New Delhi: Saying that her comments had pulled the political discourse to an all-time low, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Monday hit back at BSP chief Mayawati for her remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s estranged wife. (Catch Complete Coverage of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Here)

In a series of tweets on what ‘the Opposition has to offer’, Jaitley didn’t spare Mayawati, Mamata or even ‘Left Liberals’.

He also blamed Mayawati’s PM ambitions for her outburst. “Behan Mayawati – She is firm on becoming a Prime Minister. Her governance, ethics and discourse stoops to an all-time low. Her personal attack today on the Prime Minister exposes her as unfit for public life,” Jaitley tweeted.

Then, Jaitley also trained his guns on West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and said, “Mamata Didi – Democracy has become a casualty in Bengal. Opposition workers are murdered, candidates are attacked, polling booths are captured and Opposition leaders are not entitled to organise rallies.”

In the last tweet, he said, “Why have the so-called ‘Left Liberals’ gone into hiding?”

Addressing a press conference earlier in the day, Mayawati had responded to the PM’s allegation that she was “shedding crocodile tears” over the Alwar gangrape incident. Accusing the PM of indulging in “dirty politics”, she said, “Modi doesn’t have the right to speak about the rape of a Dalit woman in Alwar. He spoke only after I spoke. He is playing bad politics over this so he can gain in politics. What will he know about respecting women when he left his own wife for politics. What does the PM know about the honour of women when he himself let down his wife.”

Addressing election rallies in Kushinagar and Deoria in eastern Uttar Pradesh, Modi had mounted a scathing attack on the BSP supremo and dared her to withdraw support to the Congress government in Rajasthan.