New Delhi: Taking time out from his hectic election schedule, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke exclusively with Zee News editor-in-chief Sudhir Chaudhary.

Out of a host of issues that the Prime Minister spoke on, he largely exuded the confidence of sweeping this Lok Sabha election with a bigger mandate than 2014. On being asked if he was set for a comeback or was he already packing his bags, PM Modi said, “I have visited many states while campaigning. Even during my five years as the PM, I have been among people. That’s my working style. Based on my experiences, I can say the public wants a strong government. In 2014, they were curious about me. They wanted to see what I could do on the national level. By 2019, they have seen my work.”

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PM Modi said it was better that the Opposition should believe he wasn’t coming back or they would lose their sleep.


  • “They (opposition) are holding hands to save themselves in this mega Modi wave.”
  • “There is no plan B or C. Results will come on May 23 which will be followed by a meeting of the NDA allies to elect its leader. After that, the President will invite us to form the government.”
  • “If you seek votes in a deceased leader’s name, you should be ready to answer all questions relating to that leader. You will have to answer us about Bofors.”
  • “There was a time when I use to think a lot before taking a decision. But now, I have the experience of running a democratically elected government for five years. Today, I don’t hesitate in taking any decision.”
  • “I have nothing personal against Mamata Ji, but I can’t see the destruction of West Bengal.”
  • “Mamata Banerjee is a grave threat to the country.”
  • “I know that war is no solution but we will have to take tough calls. We hit the terrorists where they are fed and trained… We did injustice to the doctrine of peace preached by Mahatma Gandhi.”
  • “I have lived a life where I was scolded and dissed while serving tea in trains… I get hurt when they (opposition) abuse me but I have a responsibility towards my country and so I don’t let unruly commentary affect me much.”
  • “Today, the whole world admires and appreciates India’s robust democracy. But in our country, we have people who are busy in making allegations against us. For a long time, the opposition-controlled and managed the vital institutions of the country. Now, under NDA government, all vital institutions are working freely.”