New Delhi: A day after Pakistani fighter jets violated Indian air space, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India “will fight, live, work and win” as one. (Also read: PM Modi Inaugurates War Memorial, Dedicates it to Nation)

Addressing about one crore Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers in 15,000 locations through video conference as part of an outreach programme ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, PM Modi said the country should stand “like a wall” against terrorism.

“When the enemy tries to destabilise India through a terrorist attack, their motive is also to stop the progress of the country. We have to stand like a wall against their motives. We have to show them that this nation would neither stop nor its development would stop,” he said.

He told the booth workers present that it was their responsibility to be in touch with at least 10 families each till elections.

He said that while the period of 2014-19 was one of fulfilling our needs, 2019-24 would be all about our aspirations.

Attacking the Congress, PM Modi said, “In our party, a decision is not taken by taking into consideration what one person or one family wants. It is taken on the basis of what our cadre wants. Democracy is in our DNA.”

“The Opposition will try to misdirect you towards the negative path, but don’t fall for it. Enemy nations are also using social media to spread fake news and we should remain cautious about it,” he said.

On the Mahagathbandhan, the PM said, “This is ‘Mahamilawat’. Those who didn’t see eye-to-eye are sharing a stage today. This ‘Mahamilawat’ can put the country in an ICU.”

Meanwhile, the PM has faced flak for holding this outreach programme at a time when tension between India and Pakistan has flared up.