New Delhi: Former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Thursday hit out at Congress president Rahul Gandhi after he claimed that the ruling government in the state has waived off the farm loan taken by his brother.

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Slamming the Congress chief, Chouhan said, “Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi had said that even my brother’s farm loan has been waived off. In application forms that were presented before Panchayat in Jait, it’s written that my brother Rohit hasn’t even filed application for farm loan waiver.”

Earlier on Wednesday, while responding to Chouhan’s charges of discrepancies in farm loan waiver, Gandhi had said the brother and son of Chouhan’s uncle are also beneficiaries of the scheme.

“Chief Minister Kamal Nath said that Chouhan’s brother and his uncle’s son have also availed the loan waiver scheme,” the Congress leader attacked Chouhan while addressing election rallies in Bhind, Murena and Gwalior in the state.

If the claims made by the state government are to be believed, up to Rs 2 lakh loan waiver has been availed by 21 lakh farmers in the state since the Congress came to power last year.

Referring to the waiver of farmers’ loan, Gandhi told Kamal Nath: “Show me the list that you were showing on mobile phone. Whose names are there?” To this, Kamal Nath said that the list includes the names of former Chief Minister’s brother Rohit Singh Chouhan and his uncle’s son.

The Congress president had even ruled out the possibility of return of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to power. He had said, “Modi isn’t returning. The flop show is over…the time has come. Just look at their (BJP leaders’) faces, see their energy level. The glow from their faces has vanished…they are losing.”

(Inputs from ANI)