Lucknow: While all of BJP leaders and their supporters have donned the mantle of ‘Chowkidaar’, the saffron party cannot help but attack the Gandhi-Nehru family for not doing much for the country’s development. (Also read: ‘There Will be a Regime Change in West Bengal,’ Says Sharma)Also Read - Noida Airport: 'Rs 10 Lakh Per Day Fine If...' | Read UP Minister's Stern Warning to Developer Here

Speaking at a rally, Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Dr Dinesh Sharma said, “Nehru ji had said ‘garibi hatao’, Indira ji had said ‘garibi hatao’, Rajiv ji had said ‘garibi hatao’, Sonia ji said ‘garibi hatao’. Her son said ‘garibi hatao’, now Vadra ji (Priyanka)will say ‘garibi hatao’. Then her children Miraya and Raihan will say’garibi hatao’.” Also Read - Man, Woman, Die After Jumping Off 22nd Floor of Gaur City 2 Flat in Noida Extension: Police

“But was the poverty eliminated? It has been 70 years since Independence, for 3/4th of its duration, there was a Congress government (at the Centre). But poverty was not eliminated. Poor became poorer, the rich became richer. The poor were only exploited.” Also Read - Explained: What Is The Places Of Worship Act And Its Relevance Amid Gyanvapi Masjid Row

Meanwhile, Sharma doesn’t have too many kind words for the SP-BSP-RLD alliance either. While the parties left the Congress out and forged an alliance in UP, Sharma alleged that all three parties were working together.

Speaking with ANI, Sharma urged people to not fall for the illusion created by the SP, BSP and Congress. As even if they vote for the newly stitched alliance, it will work in the favour of Rahul Gandhi -led party.

The SP-BSP alliance was formalised on Saturday at a joint presser by Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav.

“The main reason behind making an alliance is because these people have become restless. They have joined hands just to get back into power. The governments in Uttar Pradesh and in Centre are working transparently. This can be an alliance of politicians, their ideologies, but it would be hard to tell whether it will continue after their loss in the upcoming elections. There can’t be an alliance between their workers,” Sharma said.