Asansol: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee came down heavily on PM Modi when she said on Friday that he visited her state only when he sought votes in Lok Sabha elections.

“He didn’t come earlier and in elections, he needs votes from Bengal,” she said.

And what, she said, would he get instead? “We will give him rasgulla from Bengal.” That’s not the CM offering the olive branch. Probably referring to PM Modi’s revelation in his non-political interview to actor Akshay Kumar that the Bengal CM sent him sweets, Banerjee went on to add, “We will make sweets from the soil and put pebbles in it, like cashew nuts and raisins are used in laddu. That will break (his) teeth.”

Meanwhile, BJP has complained to the Election Commission over the CM’s speech elsewhere. In its letter, the saffron party wrote, “In an election meeting at Seuri in Bhirbhum on April 25, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee advised her followers to conduct the election with intimidation & by threatening. This was a serious violation of the Model Code of Conduct. We urge the EC to take the strongest action against her.”

However, Banerjee hasn’t spared the poll body either. At a rally last week, she alleged that the poll schedule was meant to suit the saffron party.

“It’s our bad luck that Lok Sabha elections are being held in peak summer. It’s so hot now. People have to cast their votes battling this heat. Last year, we (West Bengal government) had finished the panchayat elections by March (last year). But they (the BJP) dragged the general election till May,” she said.

The general election was planned in a manner to suit the BJP leaders, she claimed. “Polls are being held in seven phases. It has been planned in such a way that the BJP leaders can move from one state to another for campaigning,” she added.