New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that “Pakistan is in big trouble” as if it acknowledged India’s Balakot airstrike then it will be a confirmation of the presence of terrorist camp across the border.

“Pakistan is in big trouble. If they say something happened in Balakot, it would mean that have to accept that terrorist camps were being operated from there. They keep telling the world that there is nothing here. We attacked at such a place that they cannot hide,” said PM Modi while addressing at ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’ in the national capital’s Talkotra Stadium.

“After one and a half months, they did not allow anyone to go there. Some people tell us that they are reconstructing the area. They (Pakistan) are saying that there is a school functioning so that they can tell the world that terrorist camps never existed there, PM Modi asserted.

Ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, the Prime Minister also expressed his confidence and said that people will give him an opportunity to serve the country again. “Once again, the people of the country are going to give us the opportunity to serve the country,” PM Modi said while addressing Main Bhi Chowkidar programme.

He added that the people of the country do not need the “king” but they are liking the “Chowkidar” nowadays. He said the watchman is not an identity recognised by a uniform but watchman is a spirit. “I had said my effort would be not to allow the public money to be clawed in. As a watchman I will discharge my responsibility,” PM Modi said.

Lashing out at the opposition, PM Modi said, “Congress’ lies are seasonal. When there were elections in Delhi, they came up with the topic of ‘intolerance’. When there were elections in Bihar, their topic was – ‘Modi will take back all forms of reservations’. Then there was the concept of ‘award wapsi’.”

PM Narendra Modi today addressed around five thousand people through his much-anticipated programme, ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’ via video conferencing from New Delhi’s Talkatora stadium on Sunday. The one-hour programme was telecast across the country at 500 places and saw the interaction of BJP workers, professionals, chowkidars, traders, farmers among others.