New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday left the people attending his rally in Rajasthan’s Barmer in splits when he took a jibe at the Indian news media and jabbed Pakistan, apparently. Also Read - One-sided False Assertions: India Slams UK Lawmakers' Debate on Farmers Protest

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Speaking of India’s supposed new found ‘no tolerance towards terrorism’ policy, the Prime Minister illustrated how Pakistan has long been trying to flex its muscles by referring of its nuclear arsenal. Amid a loud cheering crowd, the Prime Minister said, “India has stopped paying heed to Pakistan’s empty threats… at any given point, they would say “we have nuclear weapons” and even the Indian media would flash it. I want to ask them, if they have nuclear weapons, so do we. What do you think we have it for… Diwali?” Also Read - Pregnant Woman Shot Dead For Allegedly Refusing to Physical Relationship With Brother-in-law

Then attacking the erstwhile UPA government, the Prime Minister said, “Congress government missed opportunity to resolve Kashmir issue in 1971 by releasing 90000 Pakistani soldiers who surrendered.” Giving a peek into his government’s strong and powerful reply to its enemies, he questioned the crowd gathered, if his government would have done the same?

Addressing another rally in the Chittorgarh constituency, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday accused the Congress party of betraying the people, saying injustice was done to the country’s growth potential and its resources.

“Post-independence people trusted the Congress for five decades, but the party betrayed the people. Injustice was meted out to resources and potential of the country. Congress did vote bank politics and made power a medium to fill its coffers,” Modi said.

He said smaller nations which got freedom in the same period as when India got its independence had developed far more than India.

“There are three things in the conduct and culture of the Congress, which are ‘naamdar parivar’ (dynastic family), corruption and plenty of false promises,” Modi said.