New Delhi: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar hit back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over him having ‘family issues’ and said the PM doesn’t know ‘how to run a family’ and that’s the reason he keeps peeping in others’ homes. Also Read - Kohinoor Remains Elusive But Centuries-Old Goddess Annapurna Statue To Come Back To India

He added that previously he wanted to ask Modi as to why he was interested in his domestic issues but it was then it dawned on him that the ‘PM had no family’. Also Read - Hyderabad Civic Polls: What Do GHMC Results Mean For BJP? How Amit Shah's 2017 Plan Worked Against TRS | Explained

“Modi Ji says ‘Pawar Sahab is a good man but has family issues. His nephews are out of his hands.’ I wanted to ask him what does he have to do with issues at my home? But then I realised I’ve my wife, daughter; son-in-law, nephews visit us, but he has no one,” said the NCP chief hitting back at Modi. Also Read - When Coronavirus Vaccine Comes, These People Will be Inoculated First | Check Full List

He further said that he could tell a lot more things but didn’t want to stoop to a low-level.

Earlier in the day, PM Modi while addressing a rally in Maharashtra’s Madha had mocked Pawar saying the reason behind the latter not fighting Lok Sabha elections was him being afraid of the saffron wave in the country.

Amping the attack on Pawar, PM Modi said that to run such a big country, a strong leader is required. Adding that Pawar stepped into dynasty politics, Modi said Pawar’s model is the special Gandhi family in Delhi.

Pawar had targeted Modi on the previous occasion as well and had warned the PM to keep his nose out of his family.

“He targets me and my family quite often these days but doesn’t know how a family runs. It will be better if he keeps his nose out of my family,” Pawar had said at a rally in Beed district’s Ashti.

He further added that the PM was wasting energy by talking about his family and isn’t focusing on issues like drought, farmers and unemployment.