New Delhi: Calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘anti-Dalit’, Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad on Friday asked the public to throw the latter out of power in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

“I am going to Varanasi and I will need your help to defeat him. I am going there because he is anti-Dalit and he must know that he will be punished for it,” said Azad while addressing a gathering in a ‘Hunkar Rally’ at Jantar Mantar. (Also read: BJP to Release Its First List of Candidates on Saturday)

Mocking the PM for washing the feet of sanitation workers at the Kumbh mela, Azad said, “When I announced we will fight from Varanasi, he was washing feet of our brothers.” He also called on voters to remember the sacrifice of Rohith Vemula before stepping out to cast their votes.

Insisting that he did not aspire to be a politician, Azad said he just wanted to send out a message to the PM that “there is someone who will not let you win easily.”

Just a day ago, Azad had confirmed that he will contest against PM Modi and said the outfit will also put up a candidate against another high-profile BJP leader, Union Minister Smriti Irani.

“Our aim is to defeat the BJP. That is why I am contesting against Modi. We have not yet decided who we will put up against Smriti Irani or in any other constituency,” Chandrashekhar had said.

Meanwhile, in what could put a spanner in the SP-BSP alliance, reports said that the Bhim Army is planning to put up its candidates or support others in seats where the alliance doesn’t stand a good chance.