Meerut, UP: In a no holds barred attack on the Opposition and its ambitious Mahagathbandan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his Meerut rally on Thursday, fired salvos batting criticism over air strikes in Balakot to his recent national address on successful A-SAT test.Also Read - Cannes 2022: PM Modi Hails India as Country of Honour, Says 'Cinema Showcases Human Emotions'

Taking on the Congress’ recent poll promise of launching ‘Nyay’ or minimum income guarantee scheme, wherein they will give Rs 72,000 per year to 20 per cent of the poorest families, Modi roared, “Those who could not set up your bank accounts after being in power for so long, can you trust them over promises to deposit money in your accounts.” Also Read - India's Own 'Channel' Tunnel Coming Soon, Promises To Boost Nation Strategically l 5 Points

Thereon, the Prime Minister unleashed a blistering attack on the NDA government critics and mimicked them over raising questions on the air strikes carried out against terror camps Pakistan’s Balakot and competing to win Islamabad’s affections. Also Read - PM Narendra Modi Congratulates Indian Contingent For Best-Ever Performance At Deaflympics

He also attacked the apparent formidable alliance of Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party and Rashtriya Lok Dal in Uttar Pradesh and insinuated how former foes are now friends- only for greed of power.


  • Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi stunned people at the rally with his acrimonious attack on the SP-BSP-RLD alliance when he roared, “Sapa (SP) ka ‘sha’, RLD ka ‘Raa’ aur Baspa (BSP) ka ‘ba’, matlab ‘sharab’…Sapa, RLD, Baspa, ye ‘sharab’ aapko barbaad kar degi.”
  • Evoking his chowkidar campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured that till the time he is in power, he will not let anyone cheat the people of India. “Apna hisab doonga, saath-saath doosra ka hisab bhi lunga. Ye dono kaam saath-saath chalne waale hain.Tabhi to hoga hisab barabar.Aur aap to jaante hain main chowkidaar hu. Aur chowkidaar kabhi Na-Insaafi nahi karta hai. Hisab hoga,sabka hoga, aur baari-baari se hoga.” (I will give account of the work that I have done and will also take an account of your work. I am a chowkidar and chowkidar will ensure there is no injustice.)
  • Recounting how NDA government’s no tolerance policy against terrorism , Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Zameen ho, aasmaan ho, ya fir antriksh, surgical strike ka saahas aapke isi chowkidaar ki sarkaar ne dikhaya hai.” (Be it on land, air or space, your watchman has shown the courage to carry surgical strikes everywhere)
  • Hitting out at the Opposition for demanding proof of IAF strikes in Balakot, PM said, ”The Opposition is trying to be popular in Pakistan. Does the public want India’s hero or Pakistan’s? Do you want ‘saboot’ or ‘saput’.
  • Further training his guns at those doubting the air strikes, PM Modi spoke on how the Opposition wants to only weaken the nation. “They ignored the air force’s requests. They didn’t provide bulletproof jackets to the army and also stopped scientists from launching anti-satellite missiles,” the Prime Minister exclaimed.
  • Mocking Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s tweet on Wednesday, wherein he congratulated DRDO and ISRO for the success of A-SAT test and wished Happy Theatre Day to him, the PM said, “Some people confused ASAT with theatre set.”
  • Taking potshots at Rahul Gandhi, PM remarked, “Kuch buddhiman log aise hain, jab kal main A-SAT ki baat karta tha wo confuse ho gaye, samjhe main theatre ke set ki baat kar raha hu. Ab aise buddhiman logon par roye ya hasein, jinko theatre ka set aur antriksh mein Anti-Sattelite mission, A-SAT ka smjh tak nahi hai.” (Some intelligent people got confused when I talked about A-SAT. They thought I was talking about theatre set. They don’t know difference between  Anti-Satellite mission and theatre set.)
  • Not missing an opportunity to direct diatribes at the SP-BSP alliance while in Uttar Pradesh, the Prime Minister spoke of how longtime rivals have now suddenly become friends ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. “Old rivals are now friends. From ‘2 ladke’ its now ‘bua bhatija’. This proves that for these people there is no bigger aim than power.”
  • “Samajwadi Party is against Muslims and Triple Talaq. People were forced to leave their home when Akhilesh Yadav-led party was in power,” PM Modi said in a stinging jibe at the SP.