New Delhi: Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam on Wednesday stoked a controversy as he called Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘a modern incarnation of Aurangzeb’.

“I feel that the person chosen by the people of Varanasi, Narendra Modi, is a modern avatar of Aurangzeb. This is so because, numerous temples in Varanasi have been demolished in Varanasi on the instruction of Modiji, in the name of corridor. Here, people are asked to pay Rs 550 fee/charge to visit Baba Vishwanath temple. This proves that what Aurangzeb could not do, is being done by Modiji,” he was quoted as saying to the media in a video shared by news agency ANI.

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 are ongoing in seven phases. The counting of votes will be conducted on May 23.