Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday lambasted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and challenged him to prove that all the 42 candidates of Trinamool Congress (TMC) are coal mafias. She further stated that if he fails to prove the same, he would’ve to do at least 100 sit-ups holding his ear before the people.

She said, “I challenge Modi if you can prove any of the 42 candidates of TMC is a coal mafia, I will withdraw all 42 candidates. If he fails to prove that, he will have to do a 100 sit-ups before the people holding his ear. Do you accept this challenge? Do you care for your own wife that you have now come to care for others?”

She went on to add that the PM had only made tall claims and false promises thereby challenging him to debate on India’s history. He added, “You promised 10 crore jobs. Where are the jobs? According to a Parliament report, we reduced unemployment in West Bengal by 40 per cent. I challenge Modi to a debate on India’s history. There will be no papers or teleprompters.”

On Tuesday, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo had slammed Modi for terming her party as an extortionist. Claiming that money did not matter to her, Mamata had said that she felt like giving the Prime Minister a tight slap of democracy when he came to Bengal for addressing rallies due to the ongoing elections.

“Money doesn’t matter to me. That is why when Narendra Modi came to Bengal and accused my party of being Tolabaaz (Toll collector), I wanted to give him a tight slap of democracy,” said Mamata while addressing a rally in Purulia. The West Bengal CM had also accused the saffron party leaders of roaming in the state with boxes of cash worth crores along with Gada (Mace) in one hand and Talwar (sword) in another. “Gada to break people head and Talwar to cut off the throat, this is their politics having no ideology,” Mamata had said.