Wayanad: Campaigning in Kerala’s Wayanad on behalf of her brother Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Saturday praised the indomitable spirit of the Congress President saying the man she had known since birth had the courage to walk up to and hug those people who abuse his family on a daily basis, who had called his father a thief, thus making a veiled attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Also Read - 'America Loves India', Donald Trump Thanks PM Modi For Independence Day Greetings

Priyanka Gandhi while canvassing for votes in Wayanad said, “I stand before you today as a sister. I stand here on behalf of a man whom I have known since the day I was born. He has faced massive attacks in the last 10 years. They have portrayed his character which is very far from the truth.” Also Read - 'Malicious and Unsubstantiated', Indian Army Dismisses Allegations Over Medical Facility in Leh

She went on to add how Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) repeatedly targets Rahul by questioning his education, calling his martyred father a thief and ridiculing his mother but the Congress chief has stood in the face of time and braved all odds just because he has the will to work. Also Read - 'Seva Hi Sangathan': PM Modi Praises Bihar, Rajasthan BJP Workers For Relief Work Amid Pandemic

Amping her attack on BJP, Priyanka said the BJP has made hollow promises in the last five years. “They (BJP) promised farmers that they will double their income, promised youth for two crore jobs and promised 15 lakh will be credited in accounts but when they came in power they forgot those who gave them the power,” she claimed.

She also attacked the BJP at the Centre for not doing enough during the Kerala floods. “This is my country, people from Kerala are my country, Tamil Nadu is my country, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh. All with different religions and culture is my country. All that BJP has done in the last five years is to divide you all,” Priyanka added.

Further, Priyanka said, “My grandmother Indira Ji had a deep respect for your culture and out of that respect came the Congress’ policies  to bring you forward while retaining your own identity.”

Priyanka drew a parallel between Congress and BJP and said that unlike the saffron party, they had all the intentions to fulfil the promises made by them during the Lok Sabha polls. “The fundamental difference between the Congress and them is that we have the intention to fulfil promises. We have proposed in Nyay scheme to give 72,000 to any family in distress, young people will be able to start their own business without the baggage of policies. Education to the poor will be provided for free,” Priyanka said.