Karauli (Rajasthan): Addressing a rally in Rajasthan on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi began by talking about cyclone Fani which has made a landfall in Odisha earlier in the day. (Also read: PM Modi Biopic to be Released on May 24) Also Read - Rajasthan Door To Door Survey: 7 Lakh Show Fever, Cold And Cough Symptoms | Details Here

“We have gathered here today. At the same time people living in coastal areas in eastern and southern India are facing an extremely severe cyclone. The Centre is in continuous contact with the governments in Odisha, West Bengal, Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.” Also Read - 15-Day Strict Lockdown Begins in Rajasthan, CM Calls Upon Public Representatives to Make it Successful

Assuring people that his government was taking all the necessary steps, PM Modi said, “I took the latest update from officers. I held a review meeting yesterday. More than Rs 1,000 crore was released to concerned governments in advance. NDRF, Indian Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force are working with the administration. I assure the affected people that the nation and the Centre are with them.” Also Read - 21 Dead in As Many Days in Rajasthan Village After Body Buried Without COVID Protocol

The PM also touched upon another hot topic right now; UN listing of JeM chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. He said, “Two days back, a major enemy of India, terrorist leader Masood Azhar was designated a global terrorist. This terrorist leader, sitting in Pakistan, was giving India injuries after injuries.”

In the line of duty, the country lost many soldiers, said the PM, adding, “several brave mothers of Rajasthan lost their brave sons while they attacked such terrorists but now this terrorist is finding it difficult to enjoy in Pakistan. Surgical strike, air strike and now this major international strike on intentions of Pakistan, terrorists & terrorist leaders”.

Drawing parallels with the previous UPA government, PM Modi said, “When there was Congress government at the Centre, terrorist attacks had become a daily affair. No city was safe in their tenure. Everyone knows how terrorists attacked Mumbai in 2008. What happened in Mumbai at that time, was neither the first nor the last.”

Giving a timeline of terror attacks, he added, “In January 2008, there was an attack on CRPF camp in UP. In May, there was a bomb blast in Jaipur. In July, there were serial blasts in Bengaluru. Next day, bomb blasts in Ahmedabad. In September, there were two terror attacks in Delhi. In October, serial blasts in Guwahati, Agartala, Imphal.”

This was probably in response to senior Congress leader Manmohan Singh’s claim that his government also held surgical strikes, it’s just that it didn’t talk about them to garner votes.

He recalled how the IPL wasn’t held in India in 2009 and 2014, both times that the UPA was at the Centre. He said it was because the government at the Centre did not have courage. “In 2009  and 2014 they said, there’s an election. Police are busy so we can’t have IPL. There are elections now, there was Navratri, Ramnavmi and Hanuman Jayanti too. Ramzan will be here. But IPL is going on. Ye poonch daba ke bhaagne waali sarkar mein the, Modi seena taan ke jata hai (They were a government that scurries with its tail between its legs while I am someone who is fearless.”