Mumbai: Always a vocal critic of the BJP and even the Government, ally Shiv Sena has now gone ahead and praised the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the UN listing of JeM’s Masood Azhar as a global terrorist.

In an editorial in its mouthpiece Saamna, Sena said, “PM Modi first forced Pakistan to kneel and has now broken the wall of China that was helping Pakistan. Nothing is impossible for PM Modi and he has proved it by getting Masood Azhar to be declared a global terrorist.”

It added, “Azhar is India’s a number one enemy who has been involved in the terrorist activities of Kashmir and was the mastermind of Mumbai’s ’26 / 11 ‘ terrorist attack. He has been dreaming of dismantling India and came up with many conspiracies to achieve the same. He even orchestrated the horrific terrorist attack of Pulwama.

“We lost 4o soldiers in that attack for which Azhar took responsibility. Yet, Congress and PM Modi opponents alleged that the Pulwama massacre was planned by the BJP for these Lok Sabha elections,” the editorial said.

It says that the Opposition made light of this development and that nothing significant was achieved. “It is sheer dirty politics,” the editorial said.

It said that it was unfortunate how Congress had questioned the timing of the development. “There is a factory in Pakistan that produces terrorists and Azhar is its patron. Within a few days of the Pulwama attack, the US, the UK and France proposed to declare Azhar as a global terrorist in the UN but China blocked the move. Because for China, Azhar is not a terrorist but an industrialist.”

Calling it a victory of India’s diplomacy, the editorial pointed out, “Azhar is now going to prove a great headache for Pakistan. He is unable to travel to the member countries of the UN. In these countries, his movable and immovable property will be confiscated, his trouble will increase. Not only that, Pakistan is now in the dock with a man on its land being declared a global terrorist.”

Crediting PM Modi with this achievement, Sena said, “This was made possible by Prime Minister Modi and if he takes credit for breaking the wall, why does it bother Congress? Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath has questioned the timing, he should go seek answers from the UN.”

“It must be bothering the Opposition that PM Modi would be benefited during Lok Sabha elections. Emotions and timing aren’t thought of while fighting terrorists. This has been a dual win for the country. First in Balakot and now diplomatically,” it said.

Lauding the PM again, Sena called him a great leader and said, “Prime Minister Modi said this is just the beginning, wait and watch.”