Mumbai: Always a disgruntled ally, Shiv Sena has now stressed that the NDA was set to return to power with a clear majority. With the exit poll predictions pointing to NDA’s win in these Lok Sabha elections, Sena, in its editorial in Saamna, on Monday even mocked Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu for trying to put together an anti-BJP front in order to form the next government at the Centre. Also Read - 'Reconcile With BJP Before It's Too Late': Shiv Sena MLA Under ED Scanner Writes to Uddhav Thackeray

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In fact, Sena went on to call it ‘entertaining news’. The editorial also finds mention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Kedarnath and Badrinath and says that the Opposition was scared of prime minister’s religious stand. The party called it a fight between fake secularism of the Opposition and the Hindutva of PM Modi. Also Read - Caught on Camera: Sena MLA Dilip Lande Dumps Garbage on BMC Contractor, Forces Him to Sit on Waterlogged Road

Taking a jibe at Naidu’s efforts, Sena said his attempt to get Rahul Gandhi, Sharad Pawar, Kejriwal, Mamta Banerjee and SP-BSP together was like trying to make do with whatever little one had, like gathering the ash from a cremation. It said that the real unity of the Opposition will be evident on May 23 when election results come out after counting of votes.

It said the sole aim of the Opposition was to see that PM Modi did not return to power. However, they use crutches of each other’s support and still, among them, there are five contenders to the Prime Minister’s post.

Reposing confidence in BJP chief Amit Shah, Sena said that it echoed Shah’s belief that the NDA will secure over 300 seats in these elections.

Naidu has relentlessly been meeting top Opposition leaders in a bid to stop the BJP from returning to power. This past weekend, he met Sharad Pawar, Mayawati and Akhilesh to discuss post-poll scenarios. He also met Congress president Rahul Gandhi and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Sunday in New Delhi.

Sena editorial asked why Naidu was making these efforts when he himself was likely to face a crushing defeat this time.

However, later, reacting to the piece, Naidu told a press conference, “I am 1000 per cent confident that TDP will win the elections. I don’t have even 0.1 per cent doubt, we are going to win.”