BJP leader Varun Gandhi claimed on Friday that he had ensured “national identity” to Sultanpur constituency of Uttar Pradesh, which he said was earlier known as Amethi’s neighbouring district.

Amethi is currently represented by Varun Gandhi’s cousin, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi.

“I have ensured national identity to Sultanpur. It was earlier known as Amethi’s neighbouring district,” Varun Gandhi said at a rally in Sultanpur in support of his mother, Union minister Maneka Gandhi.

Without taking any names, Varun Gandhi, who is the sitting Sultanpur MP, urged the people to not vote for “gunde-mawali (hooligans)” and ensure the Bharatiya Janata Party’s victory.

“If you feel poverty and it pinches, bear it. But if you elect a criminal, it will pinch more,” Varun Gandhi said, claiming that he was the only MP who did not take any salary.

Varun Gandhi is now contesting from Pilibhit, while Maneka Gandhi is the BJP candidate from Sultanpur.