New Delhi: Even as the Congress issued a statement distancing itself from Sam Pitroda’s controversial ‘hua toh hua’ comment on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots and the man in the eye of the storm sought apology for this words, party president Rahul Gandhi admitted what was said was “completely out of line”. (Catch Complete Coverage of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Here)Also Read - 'Itna Jhooth Teleprompter Bhi Nahi Jhel Paya', Rahul Gandhi Mocks PM Modi Over Davos Speech Glitch

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In a Facebook post, Rahul said, “I think 1984 was a needless tragedy that caused tremendous pain. I think justice has to be done…the former PM, Manmohan Singh ji has apologised. My mother, Sonia Gandhi ji has apologised. We all have made our position very clear — that 1984 was a terrible tragedy and should never have happened.” Also Read - Mere Paas Behen Hai: Priyanka Gandhi Paraphrases Iconic 'Deewar' Dialogue To Woo Voters Ahead Of UP Polls

He went on to add, “What Mr Sam Pitroda has said is absolutely and completely out of line and is not appreciated. I will be communicating this to him directly. He must apologise for his comment.”

Pitroda, the chief of the Overseas Congress, had reportedly said on Thursday, “hua toh hua (whatever happened, happened)” about the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, leading to massive criticism from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP.

However, earlier on Friday, Pitroda sought to clarify his statement, claiming his remark had been “misrepresented” as he could not speak Hindi well. This happened a few hours after the Congress washed its hands of the statement and said Pitroda’s words did not reflect the party’s stand.

“What I meant was move on. We have other issues to discuss as to what the BJP government did and what it delivered. I feel sorry that my remark was misrepresented, I apologise. This has been blown out of proportion,” Pitroda said.

In its statement, the Congress advised its leaders “to be careful and sensitive”.