New Delhi: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday elaborated on her ‘slap of democracy’ comment and said that she did not mean she will actually slap Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  “I didn’t say that I will slap you (PM Modi) literally, I said I will give slap of democracy. Why would I slap you? If I slap you, my hand will break, then why should I? Your chest is 56 inch, how can I slap you? I don’t want to slap or touch you.”

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A day ahead of the sixth phase of Lok Sabha polls, while speaking at a rally at Simulia in Purulia district, Banerjee clarified that by “slap of democracy” she meant the peoples’ mandate expressed through their votes. “He (Modi) is saying that I have said I will slap him. Arrey, that’s the slap of democracy. Try to understand the language,” said Banerjee.

During a campaign rally at Raghunathpur in the district on Tuesday, Banerjee had said that Modi should get a “tight slap of democracy”. However, after facing flak, the West Bengal CM said,“Why should I be slapping you (the PM). I am not that kind of a person. What I understand is democracy. Slap of democracy means that the mandate people will give by casting their votes.”

Reacting sharply to her jibe, Modi had said that Banerjee’s slap would actually be a blessing for him. “I am told Didi has said she wants to slap me. I call you Didi, I respect you. Your slap will be a blessing for me,” the prime minister had said during a public rally in Bankura.