New Delhi: In his ‘political interview’ to Zee News, PM Modi was asked on Thursday if he had begun packing to leave the official residence post-May 23. The PM was cryptic and said the nay-sayers had every right to dream on. (Catch Complete Coverage of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Here)

On being asked if he was set for a comeback or he was already packing his bags, PM Modi said, “I have visited many states while campaigning. Even during my five years as the PM, I have been among people. That’s my working style. Based on my experiences, I can say the public wants a strong government. In 2014, they were curious about me. They wanted to see what I could do on the national level. By 2019, they have seen my work.” PM Modi said it was better that the Opposition should believe he wasn’t coming back or it would lose its sleep.

Referring to popular movies, PM Modi was asked if he was like Sholay, a film that continued to be a hit or Avengers, which has a new instalment every few years, so he would keep re-inventing himself. To that, the PM said, “There’s a world of a difference between reel and real world. I believe in my work and living in reality.