RS Pura (Jammu and Kashmir): Personnel from the Border Security Force (BSF) and other paramilitary force diffused live shells that fell in the villages near Jammu and Kashmir‘s RS Pura sector after ceasefire violation from Pakistan earlier today. The locals holding the diffused shells expressed concern and fear of more ceasefire violations thereby resulting in huge loss of farm and fodder.

“Two live shells have been found in my area which the BSF and other army personnel have together destroyed. Shelling went from 2: 05 a.m. to 6 am. We have suffered loss of fodder and farm. More shells could also be found in the area,” said Suberjeet Singh, a local resident.

“There was firing from Pakistan’s side in the night in which seven to eight shells fell here. Four to five were diffused and the remaining three to four have been diffused by the army. The people have lot of anger against Pakistan but at the same time they are scared also that more firing could happen,” added another local Arun Choudhary.

Earlier today, Pakistani troops again violated ceasefire by firing on an outpost along the international border in RS Pura sector of Jammu district. The firing started at around 1:00 am in the night and lasted till morning 5:30 am. Reportedly, heavy firing took place at border villages including Gharna, Sai, Kaku De Kothey and Pindi villages. Due to landing of some mortar shells in the residential areas some animals died and some were left injured.

Pakistan had targeted an Indian post in the same area on July 16 as well wherein an Indian soldier died and three others were injured. The residents living along Indo-Pak Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir had complained of facing hardships due to cross border shelling earlier also.