Arnab_Goswami_Times_Now finalArnab Goswami may finally be facing the brunt of his brash journalism via Times Now by making it to the list of top 10 most trending topics on Twitter. The Twitterati have ganged in Arnab Goswami on what was initially what got him fame, his ability to conduct a debate which has now just become a shouting match with the winner being decided by a decibel meter and not logic or apt arguments. Also Read - TRP Scam: Arnab Goswami Paid me Rs 40 Lakhs to Fix Ratings, Says BARC ex-CEO Partho Dasgupta

Arnab Goswami may have brought a change to journalism standards of India but his heated debates where he plays the Judge, Jury and Executioner day after day after day is not being taken lightly anymore by Tweeple. His aim to get the highest ratings and bring in his favourable panel of speakers with the most common being Vinod Mehta who form an unsaid alliance and try to drown out the views and arguments of people right when the debate maybe moving in a direction not intended by him. Also Read - Arnab Goswami Chats: CWC Demands Parliamentary Probe on Violation of Nationals Security, Official Secrets Act

Here are some of the best tweets on the infamous news anchor. Also Read - WhatsApp Row Over Arnab: Maharashtra to Hold Meet Take Next Course of Action Tomorrow