New Delhi, June 10 : Union Power Minister Piyush Goel on Tuesday said that the power situation in Delhi will become better after 9 p.m today, and added that the crisis would be dealt on with within a period of two weeks. “With gas from Bawana plant there should be more power in Delhi by 9pm. DISCOMS have assured me that there is no shortage of power, the problem is in distribution. Power companies have already taken steps to permanently restore these lines in two weeks, though the internal deadline is of ten days,” said Goel.

“NTPC, under the central government has agreed to release as much power as required by Delhi to bring in some relief. For South Delhi, there is a 100 MW transformer at Masjid Moth. Engineers have been flown in hope it will be operational today,” he said. “Bawana plant has the capacity to produce 1500 MW of power, but neglected Delhi grids can only absorb 400 MW. The storm in Delhi also had an effect on power distribution and that emergency restoration is underway, also due to spike in summer,” he added.

He further said that the real crux of the problem is lack on decision making. “The real crux of the problem that is causing agony to citizens is lack of decision making. We have had extensive discussions with lieutenant governor, other government officials, and distribution companies. I am extremely concerned about the problems this (power) sector has faced in last 12 years,” said Goel.

“It’s sad that some parties have resorted to politicizing this issue. We had a government for the last 15 years that was insensitive to the growing demands of the people of Delhi. The insensitive government has not even bothered to act on the petty problems concerning power supply,” he added. Delhi has been reeling under an intensely hot summer this year with the temperature crossing the 45-degree mark coupled with frequent power cuts.

The Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress party have both held protests against the power crisis in the capital. The BJP though has blamed both the Congress and the AAP for failing to improve the power distribution system during their rule.