New Delhi, July 13 : With onion prices hitting the roof at around Rs 50 per kilo, consumers in the city are exasperated and hoping that the government reins in the soaring cost. Shoumik Guha, a consumer, toldANI, “Rates have increased because of multiple factors. However, the government should try to control the prices. Retail outlets must be even more costly as the rates in wholesale are already so high. They should attack the hoarding so that price hike should not be severe.”

Ismail, a trader in the market also told ANI, “All the vegetable prices have increased. The supply is less. If vegetables will come to the market then the prices will decrease. There are no good days. Government should think about it.”

Geeta Anand, another consumer said, “I came to ‘sabzi mandi’ to save money. People like us also have to come to ‘mandi’. It will take some time for Modi to bring changes. He is a good man, he will bring changes soon.”