Agra, June 3 : The civil society is shocked by the spurt in sex-related crimes in western Uttar Pradesh. Social activist Shravan Kumar Singh says the porn-epidemic through laptops, smart phones, tablets and CD players is assuming alarming proportion.  “Social values and control of elders are the casualties of the new environment. As more and more girls venture out of their homes for studies or work, they are becoming more vulnerable,” says Shravan.

Activist Anand Rai said politicians will keep playing the blame game. He said all sections of society should come together to explore and build a consensus on a strategy to address the problem. Woman activist Padmini Iyer said the media has created such a scare that mothers are reluctant to send their daughters out for studies. The activists expressed concern following numerous cases.

A 35-year-old woman in Firozabad, said to be from Chhattisgarh, was gang raped by a neighbour, who had called her for some work, and two of his friends. On the basis of her complaint Monday evening, the Firozabad police arrested the three after medical report confirmed gang rape. In Agra’s Paintikhera village, a young woman was raped and her body thrown into a well. The police Monday pulled out the corpse, said to be a fortnight old, from the well, with the help of fire brigade personnel. Her identity is yet to be established.

In Bah tehsil of Agra, three girls of Chitrahaat village were beaten up with lathis for resisting molestation by a group of youth.  Villagers who rushed to help after hearing their cries were also thrashed. Their family members were forcibly prevented from going to the police station to lodge a complaint. The police are yet to arrest the guilty. In Mainpuri, three young girls who disappeared four days ago, are still to be traced. The BSP and BJP workers have given a 24-hour ultimatum to the police.

A girl in Etah committed suicide after being raped by a classmate’s friend Monday.