A heated argument between a husband and wife in Madhya Pradesh’s Sagar district took a violent turn after the 35-year-old woman poured allegedly poured hot oil on his face, inflicting ‘severe’ burn injuries. Notably, the altercation was over the husband coming back home late from work.Also Read - Omicron: MP Tightens Surveillance at Borders as Cases of New Variant Detected in Adjoining States

According to The Times of India, the accused woman, identified as Shivkumari Ahirwar, used to have frequent arguments with her husband Arvind Ahirwar. As Ahirwar is a daily wage labourer, he often returned home late from work and this was the major point of contention between the two. A few days back, the couple had a similar argument in the night, but their family members intervened and calmed the situation. Also Read - Over 49 Children Fall Sick in MP's Seoni District After Eating Poisonous Fruit, Admitted to Hospital

However, Shivkumari who was still seething with anger, poured hot oil on Arvind’s face at 5 am in the morning, while he was sleeping. Hearing loud noises, the family members rushed to the couple’s room and took Arvind to Bundelkhand Medical College in Sagar where he is being treated for severe burn injuries. Also Read - Pyar Chahiye Ya Mutton? Vegetarian Husband Asks Wife to Choose Between Him & Non-Veg Food!

“They had an argument over returning late from work. She took the violent step in the morning when the whole family was sleeping,” a report by The Times of India quoted a police officer as saying.

A case has been registered against Shivkumari on the basis of statement given by Arvind. Meanwhile, the victim’s brother said that Shivkumari has expressed regret over her violent act.