New Delhi: With coronavirus cases on the rise in Mumbai, as indeed in Maharashtra and the rest of the country, the Mumbai Police on Sunday issued a set of guidelines, stating that many people were violating the norms, and, as such, urging the ‘Mumbaikars’ to follow the guidelines so that COVID-19 can be defeated.Also Read - Coronavirus in Maharashtra: 50 Inmates of Akola District Jail Test Positive, Total 68 Thus Far

“As the city reopens in phases under the guidelines of the state government, it has been observed that many are violating the norms. We appeal Mumbaikars to act responsibly and follow these guidelines at all times so that we can defeat COVID-19,” the Mumbai Police said in a tweet today. Also Read - Will Maharashtra Extend Lockdown? Yes, Says Uddhav Thackeray; Restrictions to Continue Beyond June 30   

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With its tweet, the police attached a statement titled ‘An Appeal To All Mumbaikars, stating, among other things, that the city is still under the threat of the coronavirus, adding that it is ‘absolutely’ necessary to follow all norms of personal safety and social distancing.

It issued the following guidelines:

  • All outdoor movements should be strictly restricted for essential activities only
  • Wearing of face masks is compulsory while moving outdoors
  • Visits to markets, salons, barber shops etc. shall be restricted to those within a radius of two km from residence; movement beyond this radius is strictly prohibited
  • Similarly, outdoor movement for the purpose of exercise is strictly prohibited to places within a radius of two km from residence
  • Movement beyond two km is permitted only for office goers or medical emergencies
  • Social distancing is to be followed compulsorily at all times
  • Shops/markets not following social distancing to be closed down
  • No movement allowed from 9 PM-5 AM, except for essential activities; during daytime too, movement restricted to permitted activities with terms and conditions
  • Vehicles found plying from local area, without a valid reason, to be compulsorily compounded
  • Strict action to be taken against people violating the aforementioned norms

Notably, Mumbai, is the second-worst coronavirus-affected city in the country after national capital Delhi. It was, for a long time, the worst-hit city till it was overtaken by Delhi recently, which witnessed a rapid surge in its number of cases.

On Saturday, the country’s financial capital reported 1,460 cases, which took its total to 73,747. There have also been over 4,000 deaths in the city thus far.