Mumbai: In a sad incident, the eyes of three children were removed in a hospital in Mumbai who were infected with Black Fungus. As per a report by NDTV, the three children had to go through surgery to remove an eye each in Mumbai.Also Read - Prolonged Use of Steroids May Increase Risk of Bone Death Post COVID

In the age group from 4 to 14, the three children were operated upon at two hospitals in Mumbai. As per reports, the first two children were not diabetic, but the 14-year-old child was. Notably, the fourth child became diabetic after recovering from Covid and a part of her stomach was found infected with Black Fungus, doctors said. Also Read - Organs of 13-Year-Old Brain Dead Girl Give New Lease of Life to 4 Patients in Chandigarh, Mumbai

Speaking to NDTV, Dr Jesal Sheth, Senior Consultant, Paediatrician at Fortis Hospital, said that Also Read - Monsoon Mayhem: 25 Dead in Mumbai's Chembur After Landslides; IMD Predicts More Showers For 4-5 Days | 10 Points

Two girls infected with Black Fungus in the second wave were diabetic. After the patient came to the hospital, one of her eyes turned black within 48 hours and the fungus was spreading to the nose too. The doctor said, the fungus, however, did not reach the brain. The child was treated for six weeks but unfortunately, she lost her eye.

As per the report, the younger children, who were not diabetic, were admitted to Mumbai’s KBH Bachooali Ophthalmic and ENT Hospital.