Mumbai Local Train Latest News: Since the COVID-19 cases witnessed a sharp decline across Maharashtra, the Uddhav Thackeray-led Maharashtra government allowed fully vaccinated Mumbaikars to travel in local trains from August 15. However, the government has clearly asked commuters to maintain a gap of 14 days from the second dose of Covid-19 to board the trains. “Those who have completed 14 days after their second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, can apply on a specially-created app for the railway pass and they can collect the same from their respective local ward offices”, CM Thackeray said in a live webcast on August 8.Also Read - Mumbai Local Train Update: Fully-vaccinated Mumbaikars Can Travel in Local Trains From Aug 15. Here's What You Need to Avail Facility

As of now 19 lakh people in Mumbai are fully vaccinated,” Thackeray said. Currently, common people are not allowed to board Mumbai suburban trains, which are being operated only for the people employed in essential sectors and government services.

A step-by-step guide to general e-pass

  • Click on the Universal Travel Pass button of the top left corner of the webpage

  • Click on the Register your Establishment.
  • A new window with Establishment Registration Form will open.

  • Fill in all details about the establishment and about the co-ordinator.

Check “I agree to the above conditions”

  • Click on Register
  • You will receive a message on the screen and mobile number that the registration is successful.
  • The establishment will be approved by the Disaster Management authority in the district.
  • Once approved, the coordinator will be asked to upload the staff details using the CSV template provided on the website.
  • After the details are uploaded successfully, the staff members will get an SMS to download travel passes from the website.
  • Staff members can log in to the website and click on “Download Travel Pass”.
  • Login using mobile number to get OTP. After entering OTP, you need to upload photo to generate e-pass.
  • Click on Print Pass or can take a screenshot of the e-pass for future reference.

Those who do not have smartphones can obtain the pass offline from the local ward offices. The QR codes will help authorities to verify the authenticity of commuters.