Who doesn’t like to slip into a swimsuit, put on stunning sunglasses and sip on some mimosas by the beach? Crystal clear waters and the serene blue skies, staring at the horizons and listening to the waves wash ashore; seems like someplace you’d rather wake up on a Monday morning, no? But is there ever anything new about each time you visit a beach destination? Because if you really want a story to tell, more than a few snaps to share and a helluva time, then pick one of these beach destinations.

Warning: Some of these are extremely vague, so sunbathe at your own risk!

1. Glass Beach, USA


Photograph courtsy: John K/Creative Commons

The Glass Beach is located in MacKerricher State Park near Fort Bragg in California in the US. Over a century ago, the beach and its neighboring areas was used as a dumping ground by the locals. However, some years later, most of the trash was cleared and the waves have been eroding the glass waste that wasn’t moved away. Collecting glass from the beach is prohibited, but if you sneak some, then why not!

2. Maho Beach, Sint Maarten


Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Maho Beach is located at the Caribbean island Sint Maarten. The beach is popular for the Princess Juliana International Airport which is adjacent to the beach. Since the runway is extremely short for commercial aircrafts (7,150 ft), the arircraft flies right over the beach. This is probably the only beach around the world where bars and restaurants display flight schedules. Though it sounds exciting to sit and watch flights take off and land from such proximity, it is possible that you could get thrown into the water or injure yourself because of a the jet blast.

3. Hidden Beach on Marieta Islands, Mexico

Located off the Mexican coast near the Bandera bay, the Marieta Islands are home to one of the lesser known natural wonders of the world. The islands were formed as a result of volcanic activity and Puerto Vallarta has abundant unique flora and fauna with over a hundred species that add to the value of the beach.These days there are provisions made for travelers who wish to visit the beach.

4. San Alfonso del Mar Beach, Chile


Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

This beach in Chile is sandwiched between the world’s largest ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the world’s largest swimming pool that belongs to the Resort San Alfonso del Mar. Picking where you’d rather want to go for a swim can be pretty difficult.

5. Pink Sand Beaches, Bermuda

18-travel-pink sand beach-bermuda

Photograph: Shutterstock

Technically, the beaches in Bermuda have white sand, however, the pink color is the result of the  single-celled organisms named Foraminifera that turn pink once they start decaying. All the beaches in Bermuda have this contrast with pink sand and blue waters.

6. Papakolea Beach, Hawaii, USA


Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

After pink sand, we have the green sand beach in  Hawaii. This is one of the only two beaches in the world that have green sand as a result of volcanic eruptions that leave back traces of mineral olivine. Don’t even think of taking some sand as souvenir, a heavy $500 fine will ensure you go home with absolutely nothing.

7. Airport Beach, UK


Photograph: Shutterstock

Traigh Mhor on Barra Island in Scotland is probably the only airport in the world where flights take off and land on the beach. Though it is not possible for you just relax under the sun at this beach on any given day, you could still make it here by booking a British Airways flight ticket to the Barra Airport from either Glasgow or Benbecula.

8. Playa de Gulpiyuri, Spain


Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

This beach is located a 100 m off the Cantabrian sea in Spain. The beach was formed as a result of over flooding of a sink-hole and underground seepage of saline water creates small waves making it a popular tourist destination and natural monument. In fact, it is also a part of Spain’s Regional Network of Protected Natural Areas.

9. Scala dei Turchi, Italy


Photograph: Shutterstock

The English translation for the name of the beach is Stairs of the Turks. The white sedimentary rock formation stands between two sandy beaches. You can access the beach  by climbing down the stairs. It is one of the popular destinations in  Realmonte. It was recently named as one of Italy’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

10. Ocean Dome, Japan


Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

This beach is 100 per cent artificially built and maintained at Seagaia Resort outside the Myazaki in Japan. The climate is controlled throughout the year and and artificial waves, palm trees and sand too. This resort is home to one of the biggest retractable roofs in the world. Worth checking out, don’t you think?