India has a variation of music that one will actually not find in any other country. From folk, Indian classical, Western classical to rock or metal, name any genre and you’ll find performers and bands in this very multifaceted country.

They say that music is like food and the music scene in India is basically the best platter you could expect!

So if you’re just just as much as a music buff as a traveler, then here are some bands you must check out in each of these destinations!

Soulmate – Shillong

soulmate shillong

Genre: Blues Rock

Active Since: 2003

Lucid Recess – Guwahati


Genre: Alternative Metal

Active Since: 2004

Advaita – Delhi, NCR


Genre: Alternative Rock

Active Since:  2004

Other Bands to Checkout: Indian Ocean (Fushion and Folk Indian Rock), Parikrama (Rock and Roll), Euphoria (Hindi Rock) and Sky Harbor (Progressive Metal)

Fossils – Kolkata


Genre: Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rocl

Active Since: 1998

Other Bands to Checkout: Cactus

Nicotine – Indore


Genre: Metal

Active Since: 2006

Bhayanak Maut – Mumbai


Genre: ProgressiveMetal, Groove Metal

Active Since: 2003

Other Bands to Checkout: Scribe(Heavy Metal), Tripwire(Punk Rock), Pentagram(Indian Rock)

Silver – Pune

silver pune

Genre: Hard Rock

Active Since: 2007

Raghu Dixit Project – Bangalore


Genre: Contemporary Indian Folk Music

Active Since: 2005

Other bands to Checkout: Thermal and a Quarter(Funk/ Indie Rock), Swarathama(Fol Rock, Fushion), Clown with a Frown(Pop/Funk Rock), Inner Sanctum(Metal)

Microtone – Hyderabad


Genre: Alternative Rock

Active Since: 2007

Junkyard Groove – Chennai


Genre: Alternative/ Funk Rock

Active Since: 2005

Other Bands to Checkout: Escher’s Knot(Death Metal), Skrat(Hard Rock), The F16’s(Electro Indie)

Motherjane – Kochi


Genre: Indian/ Progressive Rock

Active Since1996

Other Bands to Checkout: 4th Hue(Alternative Rock)

Avial – Thiruvananthapuram


Genre: Indian Alternative Rock

Active Since: 2003

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