If you dream of a trip abroad, then you have already considered a Euro trip. There is something about Europe that attracts people from all continents! Be it the castles of Bulgaria or the grasslands of Switzerland, the dreamy streets of France or the amazing Oktoberfest in Germany, Europe is the perfect getaway for those who wish to experience a new culture! No matter which city you go to, you are sure to come across landscapes like you’ve never seen before. While some cities are romantic in nature, some are so historic that they take you back in time. Some will make you fall in love with the architecture of their buildings and monuments and others will introduce you to lovely people who will become your friends for life. There is absolutely no other place on this planet you should rather go to on a vacation abroad. If you are not convinced yet, here are 15 photos that show you what you are missing!

1. The Rila Mountains in Bulgaria

Europe 1 - Bulgaria - Rila mountains

2. Beautiful houses amidst meadows in Denmark

Europe 2 - Denmark

3. Romantic Venice in Italy

Europe 3 - Venice

4. The Bernese Alps in Switzerland

Europe 4 - Bernese Alps - Switzerland

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5. The amazing Plitvice Lakes National Park

Europe 10 - Plitvice Lake National Park

6. The heart-shaped Gaesnjak island in Croatia

Europe 5 - Croatia

7. The historic Colosseum in Italy’s Rome

Europe 6 - Rome

8. Where romance brews: Paris!

Europe 8 - Paris

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9. Rozenhoedkaai in Brugge: straight out of a fairy tale!

Europe - 9 - Belgium

10. Geneva in Switzerland: picture-perfect!

Europe 8 - Geneva

11. The vibrant city of Lisbon in Portugal

Europe - Lisbon

12. The beautiful and inexpensive Prague

Europe - Prague

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13. The dreamy city of Rome

Europe 11 - Rome

14. The beautiful woods of Halle

Europe 12 - Halle

15. The stunning city of Berlin in Germany!

Europe - 15 - Berlin

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