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1. The Daryaganj Sunday Market is open only on Sundays, as the name obviously suggests.

2. Make sure you reach by 9.30 a.m. so that you can get the best out of your visit here.

3. Post 9.30 a.m. you should be prepared for multitudes of crowds that will throng the market. It would be better if you are on the alert to avoid any incidents taking place.

4. Being a Sunday, does not guarantee that there will be less traffic on the roads; Old Delhi always has massive traffic jams.

5. The Sunday Book Market is more than 1 kilometre long, so be prepared to walk this distance.

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6. Wear comfortable shoes, preferably walking shoes in order to ensure your feet don’t hurt much after all the walking.

7. Carry water with you as options of buying water are limited.

8. The book market has thousands of books, magazines & journals on sale so be prepared to spend long hours across this stretch of the market.

9. Carry a backpack if possible so that it’s easier to walk around the market. Also, the book sellers do not give you books in a cover/ carry bag; hence, a backpack comes in handy.

10. There are many used books as well as new books; some booksellers sell by the kilo and some sell 2-3 books at a certain rate, such as 2 books for Rs.100/-

11. Well, bargaining goes without saying…do your best, though many of these book sellers don’t budge and some do.

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12. As the market is situated on the streets of Daryaganj, most of their books are covered in dust, so you will literally have to get your hands dirty and you may have to dig your way through a pile of books.

13. Carry essentials such as snacks, hankies or tissues, so that you are prepared for your visit.

14. The metro would be your best option. Ensure you get down at either Chandini Chowk or the Chawri Bazaar stations located on the yellow line of the metro. These stations come right after one another.

15. If you are there during the summer cover your head or carry an umbrella since the heat will may make you feel dizzy.

16. From Chandni Chowk station, Daryaganj is roughly 20 minutes away and from Chawri Bazaar it is roughly 15 minutes away.

17. Opt for a rickshaw ride to get there and fix a price; usually it will cost you between Rs.30-60.

18. If you feel hungry after exploring the market, which you certainly will, head to the various food joints that are located nearby such as Paranthe Wali Gali, or you can explore the eating joints near the famour Jama Masjid.


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