Navi Mumbai (or New Bombay) is a township on the outskirts of Mumbai. Unlike Thane, which evolved from a village to an important municipal corporation, Navi Mumbai is a relatively new city. Developed in 1971 by the Government of Maharashtra with help from the City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra (or CIDCO), Navi Mumbai is one of the world’s largest townships. With a population of than 2.1 million people, Navi Mumbai is home, mostly, to young professionals who travel to south Mumbai for work every day. Majority of Navi Mumbai residents are white-collared professionals who have migrated from all over the country to work in the City of Dreams. Indeed, quite like its neighboring metropolis, Navi Mumbai is a melting pot of cultures… something that is reflected in its eateries. From naans to pizzas and dosas to pastas, you will always, always find something that will tickle your taste buds in Navi Mumbai.

And so, without much ado, we present to you the ultimate guide to eating out in Navi Mumbai. For your benefit, we have divided the list into three broad categories: take away/delivery, cafes and restaurants.


1. Star Biryani

What appears to be a little hole in the wall is actually one of the best biryani shops in Navi Mumbai. With their menu being all of three items,: Mutton biryani, Chicken biryani and Vegetable biryani, this eatery does not have any seating space nor will it offer you a place to sit on while waiting for your order. But once you taste the biryani at Star, you’re definitely not going to look anywhere else.

Where: 3, Sutar Bhavan, Near St Mary’s Church, Sector 9, Vashi

Contact: 022-27663902; +91-9821144837

Approximate meal for two: Rs 300

2. Hungry Monsters

Hungry Monsters

Photograph courtesy: Hungry Monsters

Copywriter-turned-model-and-baker Alisha Sequeira runs this little bakery out of her home. Making some of the most scrumptious cakes, cupcakes, cookies and tarts, the home baker is just a phone call away. With theme-based dishes for every season and menus that change to suit the festival, you must not miss the food from Hungry Monsters. Place your order a few days in advance and you’ll be golden.

Where: Paradise Apartments, Sanpada

Contact: +91-9769380184

How much: Prices start from Rs 180

3. Nan & Curry

The newly opened Nan & Curry might not be the best place to sit down and have a meal with all of five tables available but the food can make your mouth water for days after you eat it. While you might think that the only thing you should have from there is Nan & Curry, the flavor of the Chinese food available could give any five star a run for its money.

Where: Sutar Bhavan, Near St Mary’s Church, Sector 9, Vashi

Approximate meal for two: Rs 300

4. Smoking Pizza

Have you heard of baked pastas? Well, if you haven’t, Smoking Pizza is where you should order from next. With some amazing pizzas and pastas that will absolutely blow your mind, the food at smoking pizza is one you will return to every chance you get.

Where: Shop No 4, Plot No 27, Kashyap Apartment, Kamladevi Birajdar Marg, Sector 21, Nerul

Contact: 022-65187415

Approximate meal for two: Rs 500

5. Pronto Pasta & Noodles

When you just don’t want to get out of your car, Pronto is where you should drive to. With extremely fast service, delicious pastas as well as some mouth-watering Chinese delights, Pronto will not disappoint you. While you might find it a little difficult to find the place, remember the route because you will definitely go back.

Where: Shop No 1, Plot No. 13/14, Indraprastha Tower, Sector 29, Vashi

Contact: +91-9920017092

Approximate meal for two: Rs 500


6. Gupta Ice-cream

Not-just-an-ice-cream-parlor Gupta ice cream, is one place you have to visit. The restaurant cannot be larger than 200 sq ft and is always crowded. But the food always, always makes the wait worth it. With some of the best dosas and some yummy chaat, there is no way you won’t go back begging for more.

Where: Opposite Navi Mumbai Merchant’s Gymkhana, Sector 14, Vashi

Contact: 022-27800512

Approximate meal for two: Rs 200

7. Mini sea-shore

While Mumbai has Chowpatty, Navi Mumbai has mini sea shore. As people start to walk down the well-built promenade looking over Vashi creek, the food stalls start to line up. From chaat, to bhutta and gola  and many more, the promenade will offer you some of the tastiest street food you can have.

Where: Mini sea shore road, Sector 10 A, Vashi

Approximate meal for two: Rs 100

8. Shilp Chowk

A mini north east, the momos at Shilp Chowk in Kharghar are spoken about everywhere in Navi Mumbai. Residents of Navi Mumbai travel from far and wide to eat from here. With most of the crowd in Navi Mumbai flocking the area post 7 pm, the number of food stalls and the variety of food offered has only increased. From kulfi to chaat and dosas and vada pav, the street has everything you would need for your evening snack.

Where: Shilp Chowk, Sector 20, Kharghar

Approximate meal for two: Rs 100


9. The Salad Bar & Walnut Cafe

Located in one of the busiest areas in Vashi, Walnut Cafe might be a little difficult to find but the search is definitely worth it. With a comfortable and relaxing ambiance, some delicious food and great service, Walnut Cafe has an extremely well thought-out menu. Try the mac-and-cheese and the chicken tikka salad to ensure your taste buds have a good day too.

Where: F9, 1st Floor, Haware Infotech Park, Sector 30 A, Vashi

Contact: 022-30151328

Approximate meal for two: Rs 500

10. Brew House Cafe

Brewhouse Cafe

Photograph courtesy: Brewhouse Cafe/Facebook

A little away from Kharghar station, this little cafe is a favorite among the students of the several colleges that surround it. With a relaxing ambiance, outdoor seating, some excellent food, free Wi-Fi and reasonable prices, the cafe makes for a relaxing evening. The mocktails served are quite addictive so order more than a glass.

Where: Seawoods Avenue Cooperative Housing Society, Sector 3, Opp Kharghar Railway Station

Contact: 022-64645454

Approximate meal for two: Rs 400

11. 70 Beans

70 Beans

Photograph courtesy: 70 Beans Cafe

At some distance Juinagar station, this little gem serves some of the most exquisite sizzlers and sandwiches. One of the most frequented cafes in the area, 70 Beans has a variety of beverages that will suit everyone’s liking. The ‘Classic Chicken Grilled’ and the ‘Classic Smoked Chicken Sausages Hotdog’ are two dishes you must try.

Where: Shop 8 & 9, Vasundhara Height, Plot no-5, Sec-11, Opp. Juinagar Station, Sanpada

Contact: +91-9619687412

Approximate meal for two: Rs 400

12. Cafe Monza

Cafe Monza

Photograph courtesy: Cafe Monza/Facebook

Located opposite Little World Mall in Kharghar, this little cafe is easy to miss. With indoor and outdoor seating, the little cafe even has a little loft that is even more comfortable than it looks. Serving some delicious food and even better beverages, Monza is the ideal spot for a romantic date.

Where: Shop No. 15, Bhoomi Heights, Sector 8, Utsav Chowk, CISF Rd, Sector 7, Kharghar

Contact: +91-9022224253

Approximate meal for two: Rs 500

13. Da Capo

Da Capo

Photograph courtesy: Da Capo/Facebook

The newly-opened Da Capo exceeds your expectations in ways you wouldn’t believe. Setting the perfect mood for an early brunch or dinner, the little cafe has great service, great food and great music. As the decor sends you on a trip down music’s best years, each plate is designed beautifully and made perfect for one stomach.

Where: 12 and 13, Bhoomi Heights, Sector 8, Kharghar

Contact: +91-9619024288

Approximate meal for two: Rs 500


14. Zinga

Zinga Restaurant and Bar

Photograph courtesy: Zinga Restaurant and Bar/Facebook

If you’ve traveled from Vashi to Panvel by train, chances are you’ve seen this little restaurant. Often overshadowed by Inorbit mall in its vicinity, the restaurant doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. Serving some of the best Malwani sea food in Navi Mumbai, the restaurant deserves a visit.

Where: Shop No 159, Fantasia Business, Opp Vashi Railway Station, Rd to Palm Beach Road’s Bridge, Sector 30A, Vashi

Contact: 022-27816566

Approximate meal for two: Rs 500

15. Navratna

A vegetarian’s delight, Navratna is one of the most iconic restaurants in Navi Mumbai. Packed to the brim from the moment it opens to its closing time, be prepared to wait a while. Serving vegetarian delicacies from around the country, a visit here is definitely worth the waiting time.

Where: Plot No 10, Nirman Vyapar Kendra, Pedestrian Path, Sector 17, Vashi

Contact: 022-27890871

Approximate meal for two: Rs 300

16. Masala Wok

Masala Wok

Photograph courtesy: Masala Wok/Facebook

With both indoor and outdoor seating, this little restaurant in Vashi serves some of the most delicious Chinese food in the area. While the service might be a little slow and the ambiance a little dull, what is more satisfying in a restaurant than its food. Try the Chicken lollipop and the Chicken Manchow soup at Masala wok.

Where: Plot 1 B, Siddhi Kripa Building, Sector 10, Vashi

Contact: 022-33956104

Approximate meal for two: Rs 700

17. Martin’s The Chinese Nook

One of the few chain restaurants in the list, Martin’s Nook deserves a mention. If you thought that 5 star restaurants were the perfect place to eat, this little restaurant is about to change your mind. Serving some mouth watering Chinese delights, Martin’s Nook pride themselves on a unique taste that forms the palate of all their restaurants around Mumbai.

Where: 17 – 19 Olive Estates, Sector 27, Nerul

Contact: 022-27717114

Approximate meal for two: Rs 500

18. Bong Adda

For some authentic Bengali food, head down to Bong Adda. Capturing the flavor of Bengali food almost perfectly, the food is served hot and fresh. With some unique dishes, the menu offers a variety of seafood that will peak your interest and get you hooked on in the matter of minutes.

Where: 9, Sai Sagar, Palm Beach Road, Sector 15, CBD Belapur

Contact: 022-65149666

Approximate meal for two: Rs 600

19. Spices

A first of its kind multi-cuisine restaurant in Koparkhairne, the restaurant is almost always filled to the brim. Serving some excellent starters, soups and kebabs, the restaurant is one you must visit while in Navi Mumbai.

Where: Sector 3, Plot-93, Near Teen Taki Bus Depot, Koparikhairne

Contact: 022-27554242; 022-27554343

Approximate meal for two: Rs 500

20. Runway Plaza

Hidden away in the streets of Kharghar, Runway Plaza offers some of the most delicious food in Kharghar at a reasonable rate. With great service, an amazing variety of food on the menu and the perfect ambience for a quiet family dinner, the restaurant serves some of the most amazing Mutton Kheema and Chicken Triple Schezwan Fried Rice.

Where: Shop 9, Valley View Society, Plot B1, Sector 12, Kharghar

Contact: 022-30151188

Approximate meal for two: Rs 600

21. Something’s Fishy

With a dining room, a pool and an outdoor seating arrangement, this restaurant in Tunga offers some of the most delicious food. Don’t go by the name, seafood isn’t the only specialty at Something’s Fishy. With a buffet that gives you a little taste of everything on the menu, we don’t know why you would choose to go a-la-carte.

Where: The Regenza by Tunga, Plot No.37, Sector 30-A, Vashi

Contact: 022-41021818

Approximate cost for 2: Rs 1500

22. Soy Street

Located inside Inorbit Mall in Vashi, Soy Street’s ambiance is inviting and pleasant. With both indoor and outdoor seating, the restaurant is full over the weekends, so make sure you plan ahead. Serving some authentic Thai food, Soy Street values both quality and quantity. Try the prawns

Where: Shop no F32, Level G, Inorbit Mall, Palm Beach Road, Sector 30A, Vashi

Contact: 022-65255095

Approximate meal for two: Rs 1,000

23. Royal Tulip Cafe

Just off the Sion-Panvel highway is Royal Tulip hotel that demands your attention. Within the hotel is this little restaurant that serves some of the most delicious food. The peace and quiet the restaurant offers and the soft jazz that plays in the background make it a perfect place for a romantic date. Try the spaghetti bolognaise and the coffee ice cream.

Where: Royal Tulip Hotel, 26 – B, Sector 7, Kharghar

Contact: 022-033653365

Approximate meal for two: Rs 2,000

24. Global Culture

Global Culture

Photograph courtesy:

With a venue that encloses restaurants serving Scottish, Indian, Continental and Pan-Asian cuisines, this restaurant is one you should definitely visit. Serving some of the most delicious food from around the world, the restaurant claims that it is because the ingredients they use are authentic. And we don’t mind taking their word for it.

Where: A-1 and A-2,Moraj Palm Paradise,Sector 17, Off Palm Beach Road, Sanpada

Contact: 022-41278080

Approximate meal for two: Rs 1700

25. Mainland China

With a reputation that follows its name, Mainland China needs no introduction. From buffet to a-la-carte, you can’t go wrong with the food at Mainland China. While some might find it a little on the expensive side, once you eat at Mainland China, nothing will stop you from coming back. Try the Stir Fried Chilli and Garlic Prawns with Eggwhite.

Where: Plot 17 & 18, Platinum Techno Park, Sector 30 A, Behind Raghuleela Mall, Vashi

Contact: 022-33715937

Approximate meal for two: Rs 2500

So plan wisely, because you have to visit all these places in Navi Mumbai.