Taking a flight isn’t as easy as it sounds. It is always fun to travel in an aircraft, but not taking cautionary steps can end up zapping your energy. Regardless of whether you are travelling to rejuvenate on a holiday or going for an important business meeting – these steps can help you not feel exhausted after a long-haul flight.

Hydrate yourself

You must have heard this one a thousand times. But it’s the gospel truth; can’t be eradicated. Its dry up there, and your aircraft can only do so much. Sp you have to take this very seriously lest you get off the flight with no energy and a throbbing head. Replenish your body with lots of water, juices and green tea. Drink less of tea and coffee because it will only dehydrate you further.

Dress comfortably

We do want to look picture-perfect at all times, but you’ll thank your stars for wearing those comfy pants the next time you travel. Also switch your lenses for glasses. Cabin is drier than normal so you can imagine the havoc it wrecks on your skin and eyes. Nicely put your hair in a bun because it also gets affected real bad inside the aircraft.

Stretch it out

Exercise your lower legs and muscles, rotate your wrists a little because that encourages blood flow. Also, when you get up to go to the loo, remember to make an extra round so you can stretch your body. Plus, its always nice to walk around and find out what everyone is up to.

Don’t hesitate to make yourself comfortable

Do what puts you at ease. Don’t worry about what people will think around you. If you feel your skin is a tad too dry, lather up some moisturiser. If you can’t do it on your seat, head to the washroom. Don’t hold your pee in no matter how inconvenient it is for your co-passenger to make way. Open the buttons of your jeans or bra if you feel its pressing against your body a bit too much. Remove jacket, ask for water, take a nap, and enjoy that flight.