We Indians generally scoff at the idea of getting tanned. Thanks to our tropical climate almost all the year round, we end up getting tanned and then go all out for desperate preventive measures to avoid the same. Though Asians strive for a pale skin, Westerners always aspire for a warm tan, giving their skin a healthy, reddish glow. Therefore, most travel to South America and Asia during the chilly winter months. India of course is one of the most preferred destinations to get naturally tanned.



Backpackers’ paradise and numero uno party destination of India, going to Goa is all about sun, surf and the sea. Lay down on a futon near a pool or spend time looking at the way waves make love to the sea on a sunny morning.


5 Gokarna beach

Definitely less commercialised (and also cheaper) than Goa, the pristine beaches of Gokarna is the second most preferred destinations for international travellers to get a tan. Watch sunrises and sunsets along the stretches of its beaches or spend some moments of solitude reading a book or simply doing nothing…you are sure to get a healthy warm glow on your body.



The backwater, long stretches of clean beaches and the silver coastline of God’s Own Country charms one and all. This spice gardens and Ayurvedic treatment spas are totally in demand and hold a special charm for all international travellers.


taj mahal

It is true that the grand mausoleum of love, Taj Mahal, attracts travellers to itself like moths to fire. It is an almost surreal experience to roam through the magnificent lush Mughal gardens overlooking the Taj.



Blessed with hot days and cool nights, royal Rajasthan is the place to go to if you are a serious lover of history. Get floored by the glorious legacy of Rajputs and get pampered here in style. Best thing about Rajasthan is that the place is suitable for both, luxury and budget travellers. Check in at a luxury palace hotel or simply roam through the colourful streets of the city, you will not feel disappointed.