Skydiving is an action sport that has been practised since the early 1900s. Not only is it used for rescuing victims of an aircraft mishap but also for deploying soldiers to the battlefield. Along with that sky diving has become of of the most adventurous sports in the world meant for adrenaline enthusiasts. There are three types of jumps that are offered, Static Line Jump, Tandem and Accelerated Free Fall (AFF). In 2015, there were 5 skydiving camps around India in various parts of the country. However, this year, the only company that organizes skydiving, Skyriders, has organized a camp at Mehsana and here is all you need to know about the skydiving camp at this destination in Gujarat.

1. Mehsana, Gujarat


The tandem experience is meant for those who wish to try skydiving for the sole purpose of enjoying the adventure sport as a once in a lifetime experience. The training for the falll goes on for close to an hour including instructions that need to be followed in order to enjoy the fall to the fullest. The Tandem experience allows you to fall at a speed of close to 220 kmph.

Cost per tandem jump: Rs 35,000 (including a complimentary video recording and all taxes)


The company offers the following courses

>First Jump Course

One day fo training followed by two working tandems and lastly an AFF jump with an instructor.

Cost: Rs 95000

>Solo Jump Course

This course is meant for people who’d like to enjoy the experience all by themselves without the aid of an instructor as well as for those who’re looking forward to having a career in skydiving.

Cost: Rs 250,000

Duration: 5 to 7 days

> A Licence Course

One needs to complete 25 free falls in order to qualify for a A license course. You can then opt for the course to move further ahead in the direction of working in the filed of skydiving.

Cost: Rs 520,000

Duration: 15 to 17 days

2. PondicherryTamil Nadu (CLOSED)


The French Colony is highly visually appealing town enables a traveller to walk through the town, observe the locals and sink into the town wholly. It also allows you to take on to this very adventurous sport, which often is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

3. Mysore, Karnataka (CLOSED)


Mysore is situated a few hours away from Bangalore. It is by far the best place in India for this experience.Situated at the base of Chamundi Hills, the camps are organised by Kakini Enterprises several times each year.

Cost per jump

Static Line Jump: Rs. 16,500 approximately

Tandem Jump: Weekdays: Rs. 25,500 and Weekend: Rs. 27,500 approximately

AFF: Rs. 31,500 approximately

4. Dhana, Madhya Pradesh (CLOSED)


Located 200 km away from Bhopal, there are several camps organised each year by Thrillsextreme  and Chimes Aviation Academy.

5. Ambey Valley, Maharashtra (CLOSED)


Skydiving at Ambey Valley is an experience in itself. The view of the amazing city from a height is a treat to the eyes. Skydive Ambey Valley organises and provides you with a thrilling experience of skydiving!