Located on the west coast of India, the union territory of Daman and Diu is tiny yet vibrant. It is surrounded by Kolak River in the north, Kalai River in the south, Gujarat on the east and Gulf of Cambay in the west. The beaches here are offer the quiet missing in the commercialised cities. It is a slow-paced destination; where you can immerse yourself completely in the unhurried way of life.

If you’ve been looking to explore a place that’s fairly less populated; a beach for tripod water and gorgeous sunsets; a place that has a rich history and culture and one that could rejuvenate you to your bones, experience Daman & Diu. It has the power to change your travel outlook for sure.

  1. India’s best kept secret

Pristine beaches, fabulous architecture, and a carefree lifestyle – this former Portuguese colony offers a relaxing getaway experience, far from the maddening crowd. It falls under the ten least populated district in India, making it an ideal place for a peaceful vacation.

2. Conducts the longest beach music festival

Diu is known to conduct the hippest and also the longest music festival in the country known as Festa De Diu, that lasts from December to February. Luxury tents are set up on the beach, and there are tonnes of activities like the hot air ballon, zip-lines and bungee jumping. Not to forget, an amazing line-up of musicians, singers, actors and various other actors that make this festival a treat.

3. Replete with historical sites

Naida cave

Image Courtesy: Getty

When in Daman, the must-see places are the famous amusement park on Devka Beach and Nani Daman, the Jampore Beach and the light house at Moti Daman Fort. In Diu, strolling through Diu Fort, and the sandy shores of Nagao Beach is sure to give an enriching experience.

4. Little joys

Tour Diu through the maze-like bylanes of Diu or check out the Hoka tree on the beaches that you won’t find anywhere else in the country. Unlike surrounding dry-states, this union territory has a liberal liquor law, allowing you to enjoy your drink as the mood strikes you. There are also water-sports that are available in Daman & Diu for the adrenaline junkie in you.

5. Delectable seafood

The food of a place defines its character. And this tiny territory promises the best seafood one can have. Lobsters, fish and crab are the most in demand. Jetty Roll is the main specialty in Daman which is a local version of Kathi kebab rolls. A very popular evening snack is the Paid which also goes very well with wine. Other cuisines like Gujrati, Parsi and Portuguese are available too.