The best sort of getaway from a pollution-clogged urban city is often to a National Park. Amidst the wildlife that comprises of gorgeous flora and fauna and serene natural surrounds, we sometimes get the most extra ordinary experiences of our lives. We get to spot exotic animals, watch a surreal sunset, click Insta-worthy photographs and have a great time with our loved ones. However, there are a few rules that each of these national parks like the travellers to adhere to. Both for your own and the safety of the animals.

Pay heed to speed limit on your safari

Sometimes, on a quest to sight a tiger, we pressure the officials and drivers to rush, lest the big cat may elude. This is an extremely grave rule to break; sticking to the speed limit is important because it otherwise hampers the harmony of the environment. Also, driving  off the designated trail or road is a serious no.

Keep a tab on your decibels

We must keep our volume down when we’re in the wild because in a way we’re in the habitat of the animals, and we might scare or annoy them. So speak softly, keep the phones on silent, don’t play music and refrain from making noises to get a reaction from the animals.

Respect the privacy of the animals

The best way to do that is by not going too close to them. Maintain a distance of at least 20m between you and the animal. Also, pointing toward them, and using flash while clicking photographs are some of the things that is again an absolute breach of rules.

Don’t litter 

Littering the national park is blasphemous. If you must carry food items with wrappers, make sure you put them back in your bag and carry them out with you. You wouldn’t want to see plastic wrappers flying about in a wildlife park, would you?

Interact with local guides

Taking an experienced guide with you is actually a good idea if you’re on a safari. They help enhance your jungle experience with all the knowledge they’ve gathered over the years. Also, sometimes we don’t know where to look to spot exotic wildlife; a guide’s experienced eyes will help you locate them.