Are you one of those people who loves to travel but gets lazy thinking about the planning, packing and organising that goes hand in hand with it? If packing your luggage, booking tickets for attractions or just the idea of spending every waking minute frantically exploring a new place exhausts you, this is for you. Here’s a few travel hacks that will help your lazy self get ready before your next trip.

Keep your suitcase ready

Whenever you go for a trip, you pretty much know what you’ll need. And if you’re a frequent traveller, just let your suitcase rest with the essentials in it once you’re back from the trip. You can keep your neck pillow, toiletries kit, extra under garments, make-up essentials, reading material in your suitcase and never unpack these items. That way you won’t have to rummage around for them before a trip. All you’ll have to do is pack some clothes and your shoes.

Buy a city pass

This is a great idea if you’re travelling abroad. Just buy yourself a city pass for every city you travel to. It’s unbelievable how much planning you save yourself. Most of these passes include museum admissions, access to public transportation, and entrance to popular tourist attractions. These passes not only save you money, but also truckloads of time and hassle of figuring how to buy tickets on your own.

Keep your ultimate packing list on your phone

Those who’re lazy and forgetful can do with this one hack. All you have to do is run through the list before zipping your luggage to see if you’ve taken everything you need. From medicines to swimming suits – make your packing list as comprehensive as possible. Of course you can add or eliminate things according to the travel destination you’re headed to.

Trust the Hop-on Hop-off bus

Most cities have these buses going around the major attractions, and are a great way to orient yourself with the place. You can simply get a pass, and get on the bus. It’s a great way to not be touristy; you can talk to locals and take their recommendations on what to experience in the city while you’re riding with them on the bus.

Book an all-inclusive resort

If you don’t want to worry about researching where to eat, figuring out how to get to places, or organising activities on your own – book a resort that will do it for you. These resorts usually have their own beaches as well and have the facility of bringing food and drinks to you when you’re lounging endlessly on their beach.