Ahmedabad, known for being one of developed metropolis of India and a major city of the historical Gujarat has for long been one of the sought after destination for travellers. It is celebrated for its historic Sabarmati Ashram (which was once the headquarters of the Father Of Nation: Mahatma Gandhi), age-old museums and its shopping markets. It is a paradise for foodies, especially if they prefer vegetarian food. We give you five facts about Ahmedabad or Amdavad (as called by locals) which you would be amazed to know.

Ahmedabad gets its name from king Ahmedshah Badshah who ruled and built this formidable city in the 14 the century

Ahmedabad is also known by a variety of other names like: Rajnagar, Shrinagar, Amdavad , Ahimdavad, Ahamdavad, Ahamadpur, Akmipur and Ahmednagar.

Legendary historian Todalmal and celebrated musician Tansen who were two intellectuals from Badshah Akbar’s court, were actually from Ahmedabad


In last 600 years, following have been the rulers of this city: Mughals, Marathas, British and lastly, Independent India.

Ahmedabad is prospered and flourished due to its textile mills. It is called as the Manchester of the East. The first ever textile mill was built in 1862 and was called as Shahpur Mill