One of the best things a couple can do is travel with their family. A family vacation is where memories are made and cherished forever. But that comes at a cost; there’s loads of planning, organising and budgeting involved. Here’s what you can do if you’re planning a family trip together to ensure you don’t end up spending unnecessarily.

Pay detailed attention to when and how you book tickets

The best thing to do if you’re flying out with your family is to save up on your air ticket. And the best way to do that is to book on tickets for a weekday. You’ll see there’s a remarkable difference in rates on say a Thursday and a Saturday. Also, buy city passes if you’re travelling abroad. They cover everything and you won’t have to shell out money last minute for sightseeing. Another pro-tip: try getting good deals on hotels by directly contacting them, instead of going via a third-party site. More often than not, you’ll end up with brilliant deals.

Car rentals

After much research it’s been concluded that an Uber or Ola is cheaper and smoother than say renting a car for your entire stay. That way you don’t have to pay for parking the car at night, or parking fees. Also, if you absolutely must, then make sure you don’t rent them straight from the airport. They always charge a little more than they would if you were to go pick them up yourselves.

Don’t drink up all your money

It’s important to understand that drinking in bars is way more expensive than buying your own liquor and drinking it in the hotel. If you’re with family, and are not interested in the crowd per say, then just get your bottles to the room and use the fridge to store the liquor. This will save you more than you’d expect.

Take food on the go

Make a rule that you will not eat more than one meal a day in a restaurant. For the rest of the time, carry important food items such as fruits, bread, granola bars, nuts, and juice. You can also fix yourself quick meals if where you’re staying provides you with a kitchen. Kids love a chocolate sandwich or cheese sandwich – great options to take them on the go.

How about a staycation?

If the idea of bearing the expenses of four people stressing you out; bag the trip altogether. Opt for a staycation instead; it’ll help you unwind with your kids in the same city, but have you all feel that you’re on vacation. You can instead spend generously on trying different restaurants or sightseeing; something you’d never have done otherwise.

Teach the kids about basic budgeting

Give your children some money, so that they feel accountable for their own expenses. Let them decide if they want to spend a little every day or everything at one go. That way, they will not be cranky and ask for every little collectible or souvenir they see on the trip.