We’re always excited about travelling to another part of the world and the new experiences we’re going to have, until the realisation that we have to spend hours and hours on the flight to get there hits us. Yes, it’s indeed an ordeal; long-haul flights can completely throw one off if you don’t take enough precautions to stay happy and healthy on the flight. This list of items will come in handy the next time you’re travelling to New York or Australia from India.

  1. Reusable water bottle

Dehydration is the number one culprit on long flights – it dries out your skin, makes you susceptible to jet-lag, and weakens the immune system. Keep a bottle on you with water at all times. And the more you can drink, the better.

2. Snacks

The type of food you eat during a flight make or break your body’s reaction to travelling longer distances. Packing light snacks like nut mix, cheese and crackers, and fruits will help when you want to binge-eat. Also, pack gums – they take away bad breath after snacking and help relieve ear pressure while take off and landing.

3. Mini-toiletry bag

To keep your skin moisturized pack a cream. For hygiene take a dry shampoo, a disposable toothbrush, light deodorant, and hand sanitizer. Also, keeps your medicines in your carry-on, plus a few pain reliever tablets and anti-histamines in case things go awry.

4. Compression gear

This may be new for you, but compression clothing encourages good circulation and helps your body adjust to pressure changes. So, next time you’re on that long flight, remember to wear your pair of compression leggings or socks with comfortable shoes.

5. Back-up entertainment

There’s nothing worse than having to kill time getting bored on a flight. So take this seriously and stock up on your reading material such as books and magazines. Also, pre-download shows or movies on any subscription services (Amazon Prime et al) you have on your laptop. Also, charge all your devices the night before your flight, just in case your seat doesn’t have charging facility.

6. Jet-Lag relief pills

The no-jet-lag pills are great for long flights and changing time zones. They are an all-natural remedy to help regulate your body clock and alleviate body stress. You have to pop those every two hours, but the effort will be worth it.

7. Sleeping essentials

For those who don’t know, keeping an eye mask, scarfs that can double as blankets, neck pillow and melatonin spray or pills or sleep inducing tea bags are godsend on a long flight. They help create a more relaxing environment for sleep. And if you get a good amount of sleep on the flight, you’re already set for your holiday.